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ToyFare #153: On Sale Now!

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bobacover153GL cover 153

Haven’t picked up the latest issue of ToyFare yet? What the hell are you waiting for? Inside our two awesome covers (Rocket-Firing Boba Fett by Hasbro and Green Lantern by DC Direct) you’ll find…

• The inside story of how Hasbro took the world’s most famous never-made action figure and turned it into the most exciting mail-away exclusive of the 21st Century! Rocket-Firing Boba Fett, this is your life!

• From the hottest comic book crossover of the year, we call out the figures we want to see made from Blackest Night…and DC Direct rates our chances. Who’s a lock, and who do we need to keep dreaming about?

• A crapton of photos of the hottest new figures of 2010 from the New York International Toy Fair and beyond!

• Twisted ToyFare Theatre: The thrilling and hilarious end to the secret origin of G.I. Joe and Cobra! Pranks! Humiliation! Breakfast Club references!

• A look at the most varied toy lines of all time – which has produced the most licenses all in the same style?

• Plus, Toy Fair hijinx, Market Watch and Top 10, and more!

Marvel Wants YOU To Decide The Next Exclusive Marvel Action Figure!

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Call me lazy, but I’m just posting this press release in its entirety! Check it:

Marvel Digital Comics (, in collaboration with Hasbro, is proud to bring the world’s greatest fan a chance to decide the next Marvel Universe 3 ¾ inch action figure! By visiting , fans can vote to decide the next red hot, limited edition figure! But you better hurry—voting ends at 11:59 ET on March 15th!

The choices are:

  • Ms Marvel (Dark Avengers costume)
  • Archangel (X-Force costume)
  • Norman Osborn (H.A.M.M.E.R. uniform)

The winning figure will be unveiled at this year’s New York Comic Con (October 8-10) and be made available exclusively to fans signing up for a monthly subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited (see to sign up now!).

Get in on the action now and visit to cast your vote for the next exclusive Marvel action figure!

Lost Wish List Addendum: The Substitute

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We’re in the middle of our busiest week of the year, so only one wish this week. Spoiler below the break… Continue reading Lost Wish List Addendum: The Substitute…

That’s Right…Barbie’s Talking Politics

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The results are in, and Barbie’s new career has been chosen! Fans voted for Barbie’s 125th career to be newscaster (seen above right), but Mattel was apparently so happy with the voting results (and perhaps so keen on appealing to geek parents?) that they’re giving Barbie a bonus 126th career: computer programmer! So if you ever wanted to own a Barbie with nerd glasses and a shirt with binary on it…your day has come.

We’d like to congratulate Barbie on her new careers (it’s impressive when anyone can find a job in this economy, never mind two), but we have to be honest: we were kind of hoping if newscaster Barbie won, she’d look like this:

Is Jacob on Your List?

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That’s a Lost reference, but it isn’t a Lost story…we’re talking Twilight’s Jacob!

Tonner Doll just revealed their upcoming Jacob Black character figure, based on his buff look from the more recent movies. If you’re a toy fan but not a Twilight fan, get used to Jacob actor Taylor Lautner: he’s been hired to play both Mattel’s Max Steel and Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong!

Hey, if Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool AND Green Lantern…

Lost Wish List Addendum: “What Kate Does”

February 10, 2010 on 2:53 pm | In Lost Wish List | No Comments

So here’s the drill again: in ToyFare #152 (out in stores today, folks!) we take a look at the Lost characters we want to see in Bif Bang Pow!’s new toy line. But as the season wears on there’s bound to be other characters who take prominence and cry out for toys. So just like we did after last week’s season premiere, we’ll be adding to the wish list after every episode. But beware, spoilers below the jump! Continue reading Lost Wish List Addendum: “What Kate Does”…

ToyFare #152: On Sale 2/10/10

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Hoo boy, we’ve got a live one this month. Two covers with two world premieres, and way more world premieres inside!

• It’s DC Comics’ 75th anniversary, and we speak to Mattel about their plans for celebrating the milestone. Plus, we give you your exclusive FIRST LOOK at Mattel’s DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS WAVE 14! (You can spot ‘em all tiny on the cover above right, but you’ll get a MUCH better look inside the mag).

• We’ve got an exciting look inside all of Hasbro’s top boy brands, giving you a tantalizing sneak peek at what the rest of the world will see at New York Toy Fair. Aside from cover boy Leader Class Starscream, check out new figures from Marvel Universe, new Iron Man comic book figures, a brand-new G.I. Joe HISS Tank and even more!

• We run down the characters we want to see in Bif Bang Pow!’s new Lost toy line, and get the odds from BBP! about whether or not they’ll make an appearance.

• On the retro front, we take a look back at Monster in My Pocket with the line’s creator, and look at his plans to bring the line back for a new generation.

• In Twisted ToyFare, we kick off a new 2-part storyline featuring Joe and Cobra! Did you know that Duke and Cobra Commander knew each other when they were much younger? Go back to school with Joe and Cobra and find out their secret origins in “G.I. Joe: The Risers of Cobra”!

• All this, plus world premiere Superman figures from DC Direct, new Last Airbender toys from Spin Master, new JLU toys from Mattel, new Final Fantasy XIII figures from Square Enix, new statues from Gentle Giant and So! Much! More!

What’s On Justin’s Desk (and Mattycollector update) 2/4/10

February 4, 2010 on 4:02 pm | In Toy News, What's On Justin's Desk? | 1 Comment

JustinsDesk2-4Pay attention, He-Fans! Mattel has announced that this month’s Mattycollector sale is moving from next Monday the 15th to Tuesday the 16th. This is vitally important because that’s the day that Battle Cat goes on sale and, as you can see, Battle Cat is awesome.

So what’s on Justin’s desk? Today, it’s Battle Cat (yeah, we got one early), being ridden by my custom Justin figure, who is also a Green Lantern. Who says childhood dreams don’t come true?

Your Weekly Lost Wish List Addendum: LA X

February 3, 2010 on 9:12 pm | In Lost Wish List | 1 Comment

In next week’s ToyFare #152, we have a big feature where we run down our dream wish list for Bif Bang Pow!’s Lost toy line, at least as far as secondary characters go (and where we confirm at least one guy who’ll definitely be appearing in the line). However, things change fast in the world of Lost. So we’ll be putting up a weekly Wish List addendum, featuring new characters from that week’s episode that we’d like to see in the toy line.

SPOILER WARNING for last night’s season premiere, LA X Parts 1 and 2! Click the jump to view it!

Continue reading Your Weekly Lost Wish List Addendum: LA X…

Venture Bros. + Megos = 4ever

February 2, 2010 on 9:46 pm | In Shameless Plugging, Toy News | 1 Comment


ToyFare loves Megos (they star in our signature comic strip, Twisted ToyFare Theatre, after all). ToyFare loves Venture Bros., one of the best shows on television. Put them together, and ToyFare owes someone at Bif Bang Pow! a beer.

That’s because the company just announced that their eagerly awaited Venture Bros. figures will be retro Mego-styled, thanks  to help from the awesome EMCE Toys company, who are behind Diamond Select’s recent Star Trek Megos and Mattel’s DC retro Mego-style figures. But wait, there’s more! ALL of BBP!’s licenses will be getting the Mego styling this year, including Dexter, Twilight Zone, Big Legowski and Lost. Lost!

We’re getting ready to write our next two year’s worth of Twisted ToyFares. Meanwhile, you can head over to Entertainment Earth and start pre-ordering the Lost figures.

Oh, and what’s the image we used to illustrate this story? Well, just in case you haven’t picked up ToyFare #151 (in stores now!), that, my friends, is a fictional ToyFare cover that will be appearing ON SCREEN somewhere or other in an upcoming episode of Venture Bros. We are, as the Belgian say, freakin’ psyched.

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